At More Length

Oh hi der. I'm iffypants. I see you've found my About page. You must be bored. I guess I can just waste your time with my random bio. It's gonna be a TON of text. So maybe get yourself some cookies or something to eat. OR A GLASS OF MILK! Nomnomnom. I really like cupcakes. Sometimes. Not all the time. It's like, when I'm tired and I'm craving something... I'm just like WHOA. There's a thing that should go here. Don't know what... hmms. People say I laugh too easily at things. I don't really. Maybe I do? Wait, I had something at the tip of my tongue. I was going to say something. But I'm tired. Maybe. I could use a cupcake right now. Cupcakes are super cute to stare at. Wait what was this supposed to be again? OH! A bio thing. Everyone seems to have their own bio on the internets. I SHOULD TOO! It's a bit boring though since I'm just a normal person. Soooo here we go! I likes game development and I like to write websites sometimes. Actually, I've already said everything above. Why did I have this section? I guess I never mentioned the game development bit at the top so yay! New information! I like information and researching. Yup... yup. I'm not very good at About pages. :(